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Tue 16 May
Wed 17 May
Thu 18 May
Fri 19 May
Sat 20 May

Tue 16 May

17.00: Pre-Colloquium Boardgame Café Meet-Up

Bastard Café
Huset, Rådhusstræde 13, Ground Floor, 1466 Copenhagen K

Wed 17 May

8.30-9.15: Registration

Room 4A.0.69 (Main Colloquium Venue)
University of Copenhagen, South Campus, Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 Copenhagen S

9.15-10.00: Opening Address

Dr Irving L. Finkel, Assistant Keeper, British Museum, UK
Princes on the Floor of the Playroom

10.00-10.30: Coffee Break

10.30-12.00: Session 1a & 1b

1a) Tracing History (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Eddie Duggan
10.30-11.00: Marco Tibaldini: Minor Update about Board Games in Rome: Enigmatic Board Games in Early Catholic Contexts
11.00-11.30: Jonas Richter: Glückshaus: The Game of 7
11.30-12.00: Jakob Gloger: The Mystery of the Black 26-Sided Die

1b) Models, Metaphors, Meanings (Room 4A.1.60)
Chair: Jorge Nuno Silva
10.30-11.00: Marisa Uberti: The Symbolic Meanings of the Merels Board
11.00-11.30: Maria Schetelich: From India to Europe and Back: Comparing War Mentalities in Chess Variants through the Ages
11.30-12.00: Iris Ridder: Dame Fortune and God's Providence: A Conceptual Metaphor Analysis of a Swedish Dice Game Book from the 17th Century

12.00-13.30: Lunch Break

13.30-15.00: Session 2

Ancient Games (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Alex de Voogt
13.30-14.00: Jennifer Genovese: Divining Love Games in Ancient Greece
14.00-14.30: Jiri Jakl: Board Games in Pre-Islamic Indonesia: Finds of Gaming Implements from Shipwreck Sites Considered against Old Javanese and Classical Malay Textual Evidence
14.30-15.00: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen: Phanjika Revisited: Notes On the Early History of Pachisi

15.00-15.30: Coffee Break

15.30-17.00: Session 3

Games Beyond Play (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Alex de Voogt
15.30-16.00: Espen Aarseth: Does Senet Still Exist? The Ontology of a Game without Rules
16.00-16.30: Greger Sundin: Hainhofer at Play: The Games of an Art Cabinet
16.30-17.00: Ute L. Rettberg: Game Over: The End of Three Decades of Research on the Game of Chaupad

17.00-20.00: Opening Reception

Lunch Room & Terrace
Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Building 10, 3rd Floor

Thu 18 May

9.15-10.00: Special Address

Dr Mary Flanagan, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities, Dartmouth College, US
Playing the Revolution? Social Upheaval and Cultural Inscription in Board Games

10.00-10.30: Coffee Break

10.30-12.00: Session 4a & 4b

4a) Modern Times (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: David King
10.30-11.00: Antonio José Planells de la Maza: Will Technology Set Us Free? The Impact of Digital Systems in Non-Digital Gaming Experiences
11.00-11.30: Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen: Adaptations in Play: Strategies of Adaptation in Digital and Non-Digital Games
11.30-12.00: Ivan Mosca: Inductive Settings, Deductive Mechanics, and How Pandemic Legacy Connects Them

4b) Education & Psychology (Room 4A.1.60)
Chair: Marco Tibaldini
10.30-11.00: Kira van Bebber-Beeg & Katarina Herde: Board Games in Learning Environments
11.00-11.30: Andreas Lieberoth, Ira Ellefsen, Marlene Nielsen & Charlotte Jonasson: Psychological Dynamics in the Popular Board Game Boom: An Ethnographic Study of Settlers of Catan as a Social Boundary Object
11.30-12.00: Christian Schmidt: Games and Mind

12.00-13.30: Lunch Break

13.30-14.30: Session 5

Classifying Games (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
13.30-14.00: Ulrich Schädler: Murray's Classification of Board Games
14.00-14.30: David King: Dexterity: Between Choice and Randomness

14.30-17.00: Cultural Afternoon

Explore the city and its many sights on your own, or join a boat trip through the canals of Copenhagen. City tour guide and grand old gamer Paul Hartvigson will walk us from the colloquium venue to the waterfront and steer us through the canals to the Little Mermaid at Langelinje. He will then take us through the Royal Residence of Amalienborg towards the famous Nyhavn Canal and the King’s Square where the pedestrian district of central Copenhagen begins.

Fri 19 May

9.15-10.00: Special Address

Dr Barbara Carè, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei & British Academy Research Fellow, IT
The Playful and the Serious: Multiple Perspectives On Games In Ancient Greek Society

10.00-10.30: Coffee Break

10.30-12.00: Session 6a & 6b

6a) Tracing History, cont. (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Fatih Parlak
10.30-11.00: Bruce Whitehill: Uneven Forces: Asymmetrical Games
11.00-11.30: Eddie Duggan: The Royal Pastime of Cupid: Two Early English Association Copies
11.30-12.00: Fred Horn: Metropolis: The First Real Sci-Fi Game

6b) Models, Metaphors, Meanings, cont. (Room 4A.1.60)
Chair: Francesca Berti
10.30-11.00: Mattia Thibault: The Semiotics of Boardgames
11.00-11.30: Mikael Jakobsson: Stories of Colonialism Retold Somewhat Lovingly
11.30-12.00: Melissa J. Rogerson, Martin Gibbs & Wally Smith: How Hobbyists Value Boardgames

12.00-13.30: Lunch Break

13.30-15.00: Session 7

Draughts Studies (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Ulrich Schädler
13.30-14.00: Alex de Voogt: Checkers Play in Multiple Societies: An Exploration of the Past and Future
14.00-14.30: Liuwe Westra: The Role of Frisian Draughts in the International Development of Draughts
14.30-15.00: Peter Michaelsen: Dablot Prejjesne and Tavelspel: A Sámi and North Swedish Game

15.00-15.30: Coffee Break

15.30-17.00: Session 8

Social Aspects (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Bruce Whitehill
15.30-16.00: Walter Crist: Prehistoric Cypriot Games: Space, Status, and Social Complexity
16.00-16.30: Michael A. Conrad: Mechanisms of Trust: Board Games as Models of Social Reliability in the Middle Ages
16.30-17.00: Francesca Berti: Playing S’Cianco (Tip-cat): A Traditional Street Game Reawakens the City of Verona

17.30: Pre-Dinner Canal Walk

On foot (or by Metro) from the colloquium venue to Freetown Christiania and the restaurant.

19.00: Colloquium Dinner

Bådsmandsstræde 43, 1407 Christiania

Sat 20 May

9.15-10.00: Special Address

Dr Bjarne Toft, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Southern Denmark, DK
Piet Hein and John Nash: Beautiful Minds

10.00-10.30: Coffee Break

10.30-12.00: Session 9

Mathematics (Room 4A.0.69)
Chair: Tiago Hirth
10.30-11.00: Lisa Rougetet & Abdallah Saffidine: The Roots of Combinatorial Game Theory: History and Foresights
11.00-11.30: Michał Stajszczak: Super Farmer: The First Board Game Using Twelve-Sided Dice
11.30-12.00: Jorge Nuno Silva & João Pedro Neto: How dramatic is Snakes & Ladders?

12.00-13.00: Goodbyes & Farewells